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Receiver instructions on how to deposit funds to a bank account:

1.  Complete and sign the ACH Account Opening Form, available at any MoneyGram location (including any MASSY Stores).

2.  Present the following personal documents to the MoneyGram customer representative:

  • Two (2) forms of ID (National ID, Drivers Permit or Passport).
  • A recent Utility Bill, not older than three (3) months. If the Utility Bill is not in your name, a permission letter from the person addressed on the Bill as well as a copy of the their identification needs to be provided.
  • A Bank Statement not older than three (3) months. The Statement must be for a bank account in the Receiver's name, and to where the funds will be deposited to.

3.  Customers may also email personal documents to: moneygramservice@massyfinance.com. Please note that the completed and signed ACH Account Opening Form must be submitted at a MoneyGram location (including any MASSY Stores).

4.  Once the form and all documents are received and reviewed, customers will be contacted to confirm their status. Once approved, the recipient's funds will be deposited to the bank account. Please allow up to 48 hours for funds to be deposited.

5. The personal documents and form are only required for registration purposes and the initial bank deposit. Future requests to deposit funds to the bank account will only require a phone call to 313-6520 and providing the MoneyGram money transfer Reference Number.